Phillip Island

Phillip Island covers an area of about 100 kmĀ² and is located off the south coast of Australia in the state of Victoria. The island is best known for its evening penguin parade – a wonderful highlight for adults and children alike.

The Phillip Island Nature Park

Phillip Island is a worthwhile destination for visitors to Australia, but certainly also for its inhabitants, who are interested in the natural landscape of this nature reserve in Australia and who are keen to observe koalas, seals, coastal birds and little penguins in the wild.

Philip Island

A stay on the island is recommended especially outside the Australian holidays and the Motorcycle Grand Prix. Because then its impressive nature can be explored outside the largest tourist influx.

However, a visit to the national park should not be limited to observing its wildlife, but should also include a visit to its fascinating landscape. Some hiking trails lead to the west coast of Philipps Island. Here you can take a walk above the cliffs, some of which consist of bizarre rock formations. Walking over green meadows and wooden footbridges is also a good opportunity to watch the seabirds. At the westernmost tip of the island there is a visitor centre called “The Nobbies”, from which you can observe the fur seals resting on the small islands in front of the island with binoculars.

Penguin Parade

The “parade” of the pygmy penguins, which are only about 33 cm tall, is very popular every evening and early in the morning. They spend the night in their nests on the rocky coast and are out at sea during the day to fill their stomachs and play. In order not to fall prey to birds of prey on their daily way to and from the water with their limited body size, they have become night hikers, covering these necessary distances before sunrise and after sunset. In the late evening their young are fed in their nests. In order to be able to observe the little guys in black and white tails during their daily hikes, grandstands have been erected along their paths, often seating more than a thousand spectators.

Phillip Island

Phillip Island koalas are no less popular. They live in a Kaola Conservation Centre, which provides them with the necessary protection and serves as a basis for their conservation in Victoria’s wildlife. A stroll along a circular trail through the eucalyptus forest of a fenced area is guaranteed to spot some of these cute animals.

Exhibition “Antarctic Journey”

In the aforementioned Nobbis Centre, the permanent exhibition “Antarctic Journey” installed on three floors takes visitors into the inhospitable world of Antarctica. By means of interactive stations, artificially created frost zones and amazing multimedia effects, the visitors get a realistic impression of the living conditions of the animals living there and their successful adaptation to them. The exhibition concludes with a situation created using methods of extended perception of reality, in which the visitor, who is actually on Phillip Island, encounters penguins, seals and whales floating on an ice floe.