Agnes Water

The holiday resort Agnes Water is located in the centre of the Australian state of Queensland. It currently has a good 1,800 inhabitants and lies within the local administrative area of just over 10,400 kmĀ², the Gladstone Region. Agnes Water is located a good 70 kilometres north of the town of Bundaberg, famous for rum and sugar, and about 60 kilometres from the Bruce Highway, the most important coastal road in Queensland. Agnes Water is also a neighbouring town of the small village ” Town of 1770″, which has had its unusual name since 1970 in honour of the bicentenary when the famous British explorer and navigator James Cook and his crew of the “HM Bark Endeavour” entered the territory of the present state of Queensland for the second time. Among holidaymakers and especially divers and water sports enthusiasts, Agnes Water is best known as a well-situated entrance to the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef.

The biggest attraction at Agnes Water is certainly the main beach, which is a good 5.5 kilometres long and runs fairly straight in a north-easterly direction. At the southern end of the village there is a large camping site. The waves on the beach usually reach a height of about one metre. Depending on the ratio of high and low tide, there are up to 30 current channels formed by the waves. The main beach, just like the neighbouring surfing beach, is monitored all year round by a “Beach Patrol” (life-savers). Some caution is advised when surfing and bathing in any case in front of the large rocks in some places in the water. A few kilometres further north of Agnes Water is the even quieter village of Turkey Beach, around the natural harbour of Rodds Harbour there are many small sandy beaches and bathing bays.

Popular excursion destinations nearby are also the Eurimbula National Park with the signposted hiking trail to the viewpoint “Ganoonga-Noonga”, the Mount Colosseum National Park with extensive areas of subtropical rainforest and eucalyptus trees, the Wild Cattle Island National Park with almost untouched and very dense mangrove forests and the Castle Tower National Park with the reservoir Lake Awoonga which is popular with anglers and water sports enthusiasts alike. Via the Bruce Highway you can also reach from Agnes Water in a relatively short driving time the touristically well developed mountains of the Glass House Mountains around Mount Beerwah, where the famous Australia Zoo is located.

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