Next to Perth, Fremantle is one of the most important cities in Western Australia, as it is home to the deep sea port of Perth. Not only container ships but also cruise ships dock here. Freo – as the city is affectionately called by the Aussies – radiates a great charm through its old colonial buildings, the cityscape is simply fascinating. But whoever thinks of a sleepy nest is wrong! In recent years Fremantle has developed into a lively, young city, which attracts many people with the best restaurants, best cafés and a vibrant nightlife.

The city has so much beautiful things to offer: Art lovers get their money’s worth, architecture lovers are always delighted, gourmets love Fremantle anyway. And if you like coffee as much as I do, you won’t have to travel to Melbourne to enjoy a good coffee in Australia. Fremantle combines many things and the city knows how to offer a good mix. The city is young, there are many students living here who study centrally at the University of Notre Dame and the South Metropolitan TAFE Maritime Campus. Every month there are festivals in Fremantle, which are usually very well attended.

Fremantle Sights

Fremantle has many colonial buildings, each building is fascinating in itself, but the whole townscape is simply impressive. In Freo, as Fremantle is affectionately called by the Australians, there is something for almost everyone. The city radiates an incomparable coziness as I have experienced in hardly any other city. Perhaps it is because Fremantle is home to a large number of Italian immigrants.

Fremantle Markets

FremantleThe Fremantle Markets can be found in the centre of Fremantle. Here you dive into a different world, it smells like incense and time seems to stand still. The markets were opened in 1897 and sell locally grown fruit and vegetables, handmade art and high-quality souvenirs. I love visiting the markets, even if I don’t buy anything, I just let myself drift. There is good coffee and sometimes live music. Be sure to plan your visit to Fremantle when the markets are open. Learn more about the Fremantle Markets here.

Address: South Terrace / Henderson Street, Fremantle 6959

Round House

The Round House is the old prison of Fremantle.
The Round House is the oldest public building in Western Australia. It was built in 1831 and used as a prison, but this was changed with the construction of Fremantle Prison in 1886. Today volunteers receive the building, which they visit daily from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

Address: Captains Lane, Fremantle 6160

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison is a former prison. In 1850 the first prisoners were transported to Fremantle by ship, and the building was constructed within five years. Prisoners have been held here since 1855. You can explore the prison on a guided tour, very great (and a bit scary) are the Torchlight tours, the tours in the dark with a torch. The prison was known for its brutality and it is hard to imagine that the prison was still in use until 1991.

Address: 1 The Terrace, Fremantle 6160

WA Maritime Museum

The submarine belongs to the WA Maritime Museum.
The WA Maritime Museum is the maritime museum of Western Australia. This beautiful modern new building is in contrast to the older buildings of the colonial period of Fremantles. You will find the museum at Victoria Quay, which is the gateway to the Swan River, the architecture reminds of a ship’s sail. In the museum itself, the history of shipping in Western Australia is really beautifully presented. If you think of an old dusty museum, this is the wrong place. Many interactive exhibits involve the visitor directly. The famous sailing yacht Australia II, which won the Americas Cup in 1983, is also on display in the museum. The highlight of the WA Maritime Museum, however, is the submarine HMAS Oven, which you can visit on a special guided tour.

Address: Victoria Quay, Fremantle 6160

Fremantle Port

A highlight in Fremantle is the harbour. Here you will not only see beautiful yachts and boats. There are many great restaurants and cafés here, which give the area a very special charm. Some statues remind you of the history of Fremantle and the fishing that is still lived here.

Fremantle Arts Centre

The Fremantle Arts Centre is one of Australia’s leading art galleries. Although the old building gives a different impression, it mainly presents contemporary art and there are several events. The entrance is free.

Address: 1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle 6160

Monument Hill War Memorial

The War Memorial on Monument Hill in Fremantle is a war memorial commemorating the fallen soldiers. A ceremony is held here every year on Anzac Day. From here you have a beautiful view of Fremantle. My tip: The sunset here is simply beautiful!

Address: High Street / Bateman Street, Fremantle 6160

Fremantle Cemetery

Attention ACDC fans. In Fremantle you can visit the grave of former ACDC front singer Bon Scott. Why here? The singer spent his childhood and youth in Fremantle and could call this place his home. A Bon Scott statue has also been erected in the harbour opposite the Cicerellos restaurant in honour of the singer.

Address: Carrington Street / Leach Highway, Palmyra 6157

St. Patrick Basilica

The St. Patrick Basilica is a church built in 1850, located near Fremantle Park. On the one hand, the church is architecturally successful, on the other hand, it is the starting point of the Lady Fatima and the Blessing of the Fleet processions.

Address: 47 Adelaide St, Fremantle 6160


The Fremantle Rainbow is an installation by artist Marcus Canning. The work of art consists of 9 containers, which are painted as well as staged.

Beaches in Fremantle

Even though Fremantle is more synonymous with art and culture, you can spend wonderful time on the beach. Let me show you the most beautiful beaches in Fremantle.

Bathers Beach Fremantle

The most central beach in Fremantle is Bathers Beach. It’s just behind the Round House, is very sheltered and popular with families and couples alike. Locals and visitors come here to watch the sunset.

Port Beach

North of the mouth of the Swan River is the Port Beach in the north of Fremantel. Here the sand is white and the water turquoise to dark blue.

Leighton Beach

Leighton Beach is located north of the Port Beach. This is where the Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club is located, which also guards part of the beach at weekends during the summer months.

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